Dawn Age

The period before the Dragon Age is only known through oral tradition and divine revelation, and these sources are often in tension with each other. It is presumed that most of the history of this period is irrevocably lost.

God’s Years

1 GY: The Elders create the universe, the sun, and then the world. This is followed shortly thereafter by the moon, the stars, and the ocean.

6 GY: The Gods and living things were created; it is thought there were between 50-2000 Gods.

7-720 GY: The Gods live in harmony on Earth. Many scholars argue this period could have been much, much longer (tens or hundreds of thousands of years) but little evidence of this era remains.

727 GY: The death of Bel; no details are known, but the whole of Gatean was apparently engulfed in flames for many years.

733 GY: Kurah’s Charge; emergence of intelligent Humans, Elves, and Tur in covenant with their respective Gods.

Myth Years

1 MY: Humans travel to the Western Weald. Elves settle in the Eastern Rivers and modern Orkus, while Tur settle in the central Omma Valley and the White Sea. Many other tribes and unknown groups of Gods also existed at this time, but their lines have since been extinguished and their history lost.

144: Traditional date for foundation of Dokaije in the Upper Omman Delta (near the modern city of Ancoua). Earliest Old Tur tablets and buildings attested to this period.

200 MY: Earliest subterranean Mannish dwellings in the Western Mountains; emergence of proto-Dwarves under the Tesser.

300-800 MY: War of the West. A lost faction of elves attempt to exterminate men living in the forested Western Mountains, with early successes. By 500 MY anatomically modern Dwarves had emerged living in subterranean cities. War ended with the expulsion of the Western Elves to the Junnar Peninsula, to an unknown fate.

650 MY: First silviculture in the region of the Seven Groves on Balinar Isle. Signs of an enormous magical conflict between the Syllane and an unknown God, which may have flooded the Balinar Strait .

1000 MY: War of the Gods. Old Tur diety Alalngar lead troops from many cities in battle against a coalition of Elven and possibly renegade Tur Gods. Earliest Old Tur Wonders date from this period.

1001 MY: Signing of the Covenant of High Heaven. First records of the ancestors of modern Humans. The Tesser and the Triskell both mutually acknowledge this event.

1020 MY: Tesser, Triskel, and High Heaven reach an accord with Alalngar and his Tur.

1035 MY: The Syllane surrender to Alalngar, while the Hungering Gods (including Aker, Orkus, and Timaet) flee to mountain kingdoms from which Alalngar cannot dislogde them.

Tur Years

1 TY: Alalngar signs new covenant with his people and takes many Tur Gods into his pantheon.

100-400 TY: A series of wars between various Tur city states in the Omma Valley eventually leads to a nucleus of power forming in the Upper Omma Delta.

300 TY: First organized Elven states emerge on Balinar Isle.

434 TY: Traditional founding date of Dorne.

500 TY: War of Submission. Elves living in modern Therinay and many dwarf cities are subjugated by Alalngar-worshipping Tur. Alalngar enters battle personally.

800 TY: Syllane Pact. After the betrayal of an unnamed minor God, the Syllane close their ranks to new members. First stories present in Elven epic poetry date from this era.

1000 TY-2100 TY: Lost Years. It appears much of the record of this era was intentionally destroyed shortly before its end. While settlements remain, their poor condition and lack of any writings have made it difficult to date them.

2,100 TY: Murder of Alalngar by his high priest, Korimm. First Dragons are born, many more are created soon after. Tur pantheon loses half its members.

Dragon Age

As little as 500 and as many as 1500 years of devastation. Dragons rapidly attain magical powers beyond any analogy and begin a perpetual bella omnia contra omnes which consumed all of Dawn Age civilization. Almost no records from this period survive, and it is thought that civilization, magic, metalwork, and the written word were all lost during this period and independently re-invented later. Over half of the Gods die in this conflict, with many becoming devils before eventually dissipating.

It ends with the Pact of High Tower, in which the Gods agree to banish themselves from the physical plane in order to end the destruction. The dragons become mortal and lose a large portion of their intellect, and are killed off slowly in the following centuries.

Age of Renewal

Elf Years

1 AY: The Elven Porphyry Conference in the Eastern Rivers succeeds in deposing Allal-zul, the most powerful dragon in the region.

15 AY: Swamp-dwelling Tur found Da Junnar under the guidance of Kofrik in the upper Junnar Peninsula.

50 AY: Tesalia founded by Porphyran lords as an agricultural depot; over the next two hundred years it rises to regional prominence in the Eastern Rivers.

103 AY: Caralia is founded by Dornish dissidents; it quickly begins to rival Dorne in power by striking more favorable trade relationships with western Dwarf holds.

235 AY: Maddened races of birdmen, goblins, and minotaurs overwhelm the last of the migratory bands of Orks and Tur; the region falls into chaos as migrants flood the previously Dragon dominated river valleys.

275-350: Triskell-worshipping hordes of Men and Halflings begin to gain dominance in the Western Weald; High Heaven begins the Great Journey and take thousands of men east to the Ankon and Omman River Valleys.


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